Types of Events

Our state of the art photo and video booths are perfect for those looking to provide truly unique entertainment at any type of social event ranging from a corporate holiday party to a wedding to a bar mitzvah or even a graduation party. We are the only event vendors in not only Greater Boston but all of New England to offer these systems. With our expertise and myriad of options we can provide very interesting bundling opportunities for larger events.


Our event services are also, hands down, ideal for traditional in-store advertising. Hire us to attract a crowd at your store and every customer will go home with a keepsake with your brand or logo as a permanent reminder of their experience. Obviously the hope is your visitors post their media on social media and show their keepsakes at home or even other events. It is a perfect way to get people talking about what you do. We are aggressively pursuing advertising venues so please come back as wewill be updating this page with great ideas on how you can optimize the opportunities with our event technologies.

Lastly, our customers have had great successes with our systems at trade-shows. The lines at our stations are generally the longest. There is simply no better way to get prospects to remember your name and product or service.

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