Onsite 3D Printing Labs

For something truly out of the ordinary we make our fleet of 3D printers available for your party or event. To be more transparent than we should be, we’ve only been hired twice to do so but both times our 3D printing lab was an enormous hit. We maintain the largest private 3D printing lab for kids in the state. This is a fleet of over 20 3D printing machines. We were first and foremost a 3D printing service way back in the day. 3D printing is in our blood.

As you consider what our 3D printing lab can do for your party or event, we find personalized name tags to be the most popular. We provide everything including PC’s for each 3D printer so guests can see their designs real time. As you consider timing, we recommend you limit print times to between 15 & 20 minutes. Hence if you were to rent 10 3D printing stations we could produce between 30 to 40 prints per hour. Double that for 20 machines etc.

We can commit to 20 3D printing machines on short notice. With advance notice (one week) we can procure up to 50 3D printers for your party or event.

Please come back soon as we have a major upgrade to our onsite 3D printing lab service coming very soon.

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