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We are a group of digital media professionals dedicated to providing exceptional digital experiences whether for your business, to entertain you and/or your guests at your party or event or teaching your kids the wonders of today’s technologies. We’ve been doing this since 2012 and love it. Read the posts to our Facebook page for yourself. Our customers love what we do and benefit from our expertise.

We have developed a truly unique, as in a genuinely one-of-a-kind business service which is how we are able to deliver such an overwhelming value proposition versus our peers. Compare any service we offer to any like firm and you will find we do it better and we do it for less. This is because we’ve invested in state of the art technologies and leverage those investments over multiple channels and lines of services.¬†

We are a firm of 4 partners with a passion to provide only the best digital related services to our customers. Should we have the privilege of you as a client, you will be able to call us 7 days a week (including nights & weekends when social media marketing campaigns might be most active). You will find we offer, overwhelmingly, the best value in digital services in the country. 


Richard Shaw:¬†Founder & Executive Director. Richard is ultimately responsible for all of our services and operations (and LOVES IT!). Richard is (or was) a certified public accountant or CPA. He has an undergraduate degree in accounting from Babson College and a Masters of Taxation from Bentley University’s McCullum School of Business. Most important, Richard has been in the service business writing computer programs for over 20 years.

Aidan Lees: Aidan Lees was the very first employee of Newton Animations and is primarily responsible for overseeing our events and Kids Digital U related services. Everyone who has met Aidan loves him. He is just that guy everyone is drawn to. Customers, parents & students all feel the same. Aidan works full time at Newton Animations and is the face of our organization. He’s great with people, an amazing 3D designer and a whiz (if not a genius) with 3D printing.

Will McAbee: Will is a professional 3D design & animation specialist and a gifted 3D Cinema 4D artist. Will holds a Masters in 3D Animation from the University of Georgia. Will has been with us on a part-time basis since 2015. Will runs most of our 3D related evening and weekend classes.

Jack Streeter. Jack is our 3D design & animation specialist having joined us full-time since graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2018. Jack is a gifted artist and participates in literally everything we do. He is “that person” who gets everything.

We have a number of part-time employees. These are generally high-school and college students who either work at our camps or help in our after-school, evening and/or weekend programs during the school year. At the moment we expect Madeline, Evan, Danielle and Mitch to come work for us again this coming summer of 2019.

Please call us 7 days a week at 781-708-1255 if you are looking to verify the names of any of our staff. We have very strict guidelines as to who may work for us. In addition to annual CORI’s and SORI’s, we require the personal recommendations of at least 2 people before anyone may work at Newton Animations.

Please come back soon for more pictures of our staff interacting amongst themselves, our customers and our students.

We are particularly proud of our Kids Digital U part-time high-school and college staff. While we cannot guarantee every student who works for us will have like successes, two of our part-time summer counselors have gone on to attend Tufts University. We know this wonderful young man and young woman were accepted at Tufts not because they worked for us, but because they earned it. All the same, their experience at Newton Animations obviously did not hurt either. Our staff has gone on to obtain college acceptances at Tufts (2), Northeastern University, Rensyllaer and Champlain College School of Arts. Congratulations to all of our staff. Again we are very proud of all of you.

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