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We get at least one email every week with the following question. “How much does it cost to rent one of your photo booths?” Actually it is often more than once a week. It is of course a very reasonable question for any reasonable person. The answer is a little more complex. To us it is like asking how much does it cost to buy a car. There are usually countless options. Before reading on, we do not “rent” low end photo booths (the kind of unattended photo booth you might find at a shopping mall). Even our unattended entry level Mirror Me Photo Booth is 5 years ahead of any like unattended photo booth in Greater Boston.

You would be quite surprised at the value Newton Animations can deliver for the dollar. It is usually ideal to get an idea around your budget (again you’d be surprised at what we can do for so little). For example, a competitor offers virtual reality rentals for about the same price we do. However, we offer the HTC Vive and computers that use the latest nVidia RTX processors where our competitor offers the Oculus Rift using nVidia 9 series processors. Ours is a tenfold better experience but at more or less the same price. If you are considering other vendors you need to be certain you are doing an “apples to apples” comparison.

Most event vendors like us do not disclose pricing. In fact we cannot find one that does. To be crystal clear we cannot provide exact pricing because we offer such a range of options. Again our pricing is so competitive because we use our systems in another line of business. That being said, as you consider budgets, the following table should provide you directional guidance on our pricing (we will more likely than not exceed your expectations when you give us your budget): 

Basic Event Package

$ 999
  • Mirror Me Photo Booth Rental
  • Unattended
  • Countdown Website
  • No programming

4 hour event. Mirror Me Photo Booth rental with traditional printing. No customization nor engineers on-site.

Most Popular

Standard Event Package

$ 1,999
  • 2 Photo/Video Booth Systems
  • Social sharing app
  • 2 Engineers
  • Countdown Website
  • 8 hours customization

4 hour event. 2 photo/video booth systems but at one station. Guests can flip between the 2 systems. 

Gold Event Package

$ 2,999
  • 2 Photo/Video Booth Systems
  • Social sharing app
  • Virtual Reality or MOCAP
  • 3 Engineers
  • Countdown Website
  • 16 hours customization

4 hour event. 2 photo/video booth systems plus one other entertainment system (VR/AR gaming, on-site 3D printing etc).

Platinum Event Package

$ 4,999
  • All Photo/Video Booth Systems
  • Social sharing app
  • Virtual Reality & MOCAP
  • 5 Engineers
  • Countdown Website
  • 40 hours customization

We essentially bring our studio to your party or event. 40 hours can be used for any professional service (animated invitations, 2D/3D gaming etc.).

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