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Overview of Events Services

Newton Animations offers truly cutting-edge digital, interactive, three-dimensional and virtual & augmented reality technologies unavailable at any like event vendor in all of New England. With expertise in graphic design, 3D design & animation and web development we can deliver stunning entertainment experiences. We’ve also invested in state of the art computer processing. Our systems run on the fastest computers in the world. If you are looking for something different you have to give us a call at 781-708-1255 or take a few minutes to really understand the value we offer. We can literally do almost anything.

Incidentally we also offer complimentary countdown to event date websites for every engagement no matter the size or scope (whether you hire for an hour or have us produce the entertainment experience of the century).

Photo & Video Booths

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Newton Animations offers the most advanced photo & video booths of any like event vendor in all of New England. We are 10 years ahead of the next like vendor. Not only do we offer functionality others don’t. We are also designers & developers. For example, our booths use augmented reality functionality. We also build the core three dimensional assets that go into the system. While other vendors might offer simple overlays, we can build assets just for your event that work in the core system (like a custom 3D hat or sign with your name, brand, message or logo that attaches to a head). It is jaw dropping cool.

We also offer all the photo/video booth fixings including on-site video flip book production (a great take home keepsake), social sharing and prints in any shape or size. We are unaware of any like vendor that offers the same. If you are considering advanced photo booth technology it is worth your time to give us a call.

Custom Virtual Reality & Hologram Gaming

(via the HTC Vive Virtual Reality and Microsoft Hololens Platforms, respectively)

Newton Animations is the only event vendor in New England to offer custom virtual reality & hologram gaming that can be customized just for your party or event. Again because we are also 3D gaming developers we can build custom experiences just for you and/or your event. For example, the most popular game we’ve developed for the HTC Vive platform in our bowling game. Guests play a game of virtual bowling. There are of course other bowling games. What is unique about ours is that we insert your name, brand, message and/or logo into the game itself. Your guests sit awe struck thinking we built the game just for you. We won’t tell them if you won’t. Our fees are consistent with any like vendor if not more competitive. This is extremely popular at corporate events and mitzvahs. We of course also offer traditional HTC Vive and Microsoft Hololens commercial gaming rentals.

Other Very Cool Things We Do For Your Party or Event

We are able to provide such stunning and truly unique entertainment at such a reasonable price because we use these technologies in other parts of our business. We offer summer camps for kids and provide professional 3D animation services. Hence we leverage these investments over several lines of business which means you save. For example, motion capture is a system of 32 sensors outfitted to the human body. We use these to create quality 3D character animations in minutes. It is also one of the most fun activities at our camps. People of all ages love it. We also maintain the largest 3D printing lab for kids in the state for our after-school programs. Someone asked if they could rent them for their corporate holiday party. We do not do it often…but talk about unique. Have you ever seen an onsite 3D printing lab at a party? We’ll do it for yours.

Come back soon as we are always adding new systems.

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