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Ranked the Program for Kids in Greater Boston (2018 & 2017)

Newton Animations (aka Kids Digital U) will not offer classes during the fall of 2019 (while our facilities are being renovated). We will offer after-school, evening and weekend programs/classes again beginning in January 2020.

We are closed until October 15, 2019. We will offer private lessons or tutoring when we re-open (between October 15, 2019 through the end of the year). For information about private lessons and/or tutoring for your child/children, send us an email at info@kidsdigitalu.com.

Newton Animations offers 3D tech related after-school, evening and weekend programs for kids during the traditional school year and cutting-edge tech camps during the summer vacations. No program in the Greater Boston area has invested in advanced digital, interactive, three-dimensional and virtual / augmented reality technologies for kids to our scale. We maintain the largest 3D printing and virtual reality labs for kids in the state. Our 3D Summer Tech Camp, that celebrated its 5th anniversary this last summer summer of 2019, offers an overwhelming value proposition to kids interested in learning the wonders of today’s three-dimensional technologies. It’s been ranked the top 3D summer tech program for teens in Greater Boston at tuitions that cost about 2/3’s the #2 & #3 ranked area tech camps. Students in our programs use advanced systems like motion capture that are unavailable at any like program for kids in the country (AND LOVE IT!). Take a moment and read the feedback for yourself on social media (including our FACEBOOK page). You will then understand why kids from all over the country, and now all over the world, come to Needham, MA to experience our programs.


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Tech Programs for Kids at Newton Animations

Computer Programming

We offer programs in JavaScript & Scratch programming. Our JavaScript programs not only teach basic coding skills but also shows kids how to be resourceful and leverage the various free JavaScript libraries for their projects. Our next computer programming classes for beginners will begin in the fall of 2019.

3D Design & Animation

Kids learn 3D design & animation via Cinema 4D. Kids Digital U was founded as a 3D design & animation school for kids. It's in our blood. Cinema 4D is the cornerstone of virtually everything we do. Students have access to our enormous digital library of 3D related assets and pre-made animation projects unavailable at any like Boston area program.

Virtual Reality Fantasy Camps

In addition to the largest 3D printing lab for kids in Greater Boston we also maintain the largest virtual, mixed and augmented reality lab around. Kids have a blast in our fantasy camps using every technology available today and on every device.

3D Printing

For those students interested in CAD (computer aided design) even if just for fun, we have developed a new 3D printing camp. Our 3D printing lab is the largest of its kind (for kids) in the state (excluding colleges & universities). Students in our introductory 3D design & animation classes are also taught how to size their projects for fleet of 3D printers.

3D Gaming for Virtual/Augmented Reality

Our video gaming curriculum is second to none. In our gaming programs kids learn how to build simple games for the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Program like our legendary bowling alley and mini-golf games (also available for rent for your party or event).

Web Development

In our web development programs kids learn how to build simple to complex websites using WordPress and several free tools called plug-ins. These tools are completely free. Tuition to any of our web development programs includes one year free hosting. This is a great opportunity for your kids to learn how to make engaging websites.

Why Newton Animations Kids Academy For Your Kids


Most Advanced Technologies in the World

No program in the country has invested in advanced interactive digital, virtual & 3D technologies for kids to our scale. For example, we are unaware of any program in the country to use motion capture in a 3D animation class (for kids or adults), offer kids the use hologram technology for their projects or export 3D designs for augmented reality. Wait until you see the pride in your child’s face using our technologies.


Largest 3D Printing & HTC Vive Virtual Reality Labs for Kids in the State

We maintain a fleet of MakerBot, daVinci and Robo 3D printers for our students. Your child will share their very own 3D printer with at most one other student. We also keep 4 HTC Vive virtual reality stations available. We’re the only program for kids to have developed custom games & experiences for the HTC Vive that can be customized by our students.


Lowest Teacher to Student Ratios

We maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1 to 4 when our programs are full. Our peer programs go as high as 1 to 15. We are also thrilled to see one competitor boast about a 1 teacher for every 8 students ratio on their website. We struggle to understand how they can invest quality time with their students when the subject matter is complex and generally new to he young mind. Your child will get considerably more attention and have a better overall learning experience at Kids Digital U.


Lowest Tuitions in the Greater Boston Area

Your investment in our tuition for your child will cost less than any like program around. For example, our summer program tuitions are 33%, or $400 per week, less than the #2 ranked (one spot behind us) summer program. Please verify for yourself by Googgling “3D animation camps near Boston” and compare our tuitions to any that come up on the first page of your search. Remember we’re here year round as well.


Digital Libraries Provided Your Kids

We are the only accredited Cinema 4D program for kids in all of New England. Cinema 4D is the cornerstone of 90% of what we do. Not only are kids provided an 18 month student license to Cinema 4D, students also receive literally hundreds of professional 3D projects for their personal use. No like program in Boston offers the same.


Ranked the #1 STEM & 3D Summer Tech Camp in Massachusetts

We were thrilled to be ranked the #1 3D summer tech program of 2017 by HulaFrog of Brookline. Since then we’ve made enormous investments in touch screen technologies. Our technologies were already years ahead of like programs. We believe our lead now may be a decade. Of our like peers over the summer, we are the only program here year round. Your kids will do things here literally unavailable at any like program around. Take a moment to read a point by point comparison of the attributes of our programs versus our peers on our Camps page.

The following are testimonials taken directly from our Facebook page. Don't take our word for it either. Please take the time to read them for yourself.

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