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Solutions Optimized for Mobile!!!

Social Media Marketing Services

Solutions Optimized for Mobile


We want to work for you. We are a small firm of 3 partners that has provided digital marketing services since 2012. Take a minute to read our 5-star reviews from small business owners like yourself for yourself. We'll speak to you in plain English and get you started within 2 business days. If you are a small business owner with limited time & resources we are your solution. Don't be oversold. No matter your business we'll produce a respectable return on your investment(s) and our fees are reasonable. Take 2 minutes and click the green button on the bottom of your cell phone to speak with one of us right now. You will be happy you called.

If you are a small business of 1 to 100 employees we want to work for you. Whether you are looking to just get started selling your first product or service, planning for an event that takes place 2 months from now or have been in business for 30+ years and simply need a fresh set of eyes to be sure you're optimizing your resources, we have a solution for you. Call us 7 days a week if we can ever be of service (and please of course there's no obligation). Even if you are unsure give us a call. We love talking social media. When it comes to digital marketing and especially social media marketing, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Call us 7 days a week at 781-708-1255.



If you’re a small business considering social media marketing for the first time and want to do it right…use video to get your business name and message across in the first 6 seconds…end of story…and be sure to size your video so it’s oriented via portrait format so best experienced on a cell phone. Remember 80 to 85% of consumer oriented interactions on all social media channels (not some of them but all of them) are done via mobile device (a.k.a. cell phone). Because we are graphic designers and 3D/2D animation specialists we can size your media to take advantage of literally every pixel available on a cell phone. We find it shocking that any business would consider anything but media optimized for mobile. This is our area of expertise. Call us 7 days a week at 781-708-1255.


Why Should You Hire Newton Animations?

The simple answer is we provide the best complete solution for small business (by an overwhelming margin) at a reasonable cost. To be precise, we offer specific expertise and years of experience in every facet of social media marketing & management and on every channel. To be even more specific these are the attributes where we are without a doubt the strongest in the business (and we encourage you to do your own research):


Planning & Execution

We employ proprietary planning & execution tools that will save you considerable time and expense. We cannot stress this enough. This is especially the case for new businesses. The highest ROI comes from well planned and executed engagements.


Content Creation

Content includes the pictures, video and narratives on a typical social media post. Our staff have decades of experience creating as well as consuming social media content. No matter your business or industry, we will create engaging and informing content that will build you an audience (commonly known as followers) that will grow your business. Our media services will ensure your content looks professional and “pops” to the audience (see #5 below).


Automation Expertise

We employ what are called content calendars that ensure you are posting content on a regular basis. With automation, we can pre-post weeks/months of content in literally a matter of minutes. Of course, we still monitor your social media and change plans should circumstances require you to add/take away content.



In the case of paid ads, we are experts in the advanced targeting tools provided by each channel (the highest technical expertise we offer). For non-paid social media promotion not only will we research appropriate hashtags but participate, perhaps heavily, in various on-going conversations on social media (i.e. best use of Twitter for example).


Media Preparation

We are also graphic designers and 3D/2D/html5 animation experts. We can literally manage everything social with our staff. We have made considerable investments in technology that allow us to create high-quality animated video in minutes.


ROI Driven

We are business driven and hence ROI driven. Watch out for crusaders who may be well intentioned but post, and cost you money, only for the sake of posting.


Optimized for Mobile

Part of our commitment to ROI includes optimizing your social media content for mobile. 80%+ of the time your audience experiences social media via cell phone. Your media should be acclimated accordingly.


Experience on All Channels

For most of you it is only important you are active on Facebook, Instagram & Google. Be wary of those who say you “have to” be active on all channels. Each social media channel has specific advantages & reasons you may need to be active (see our descriptions by channel below). The good news is, with automation, if you are active on one you can be, technically, active on all.


Broad Online Expertise

In addition to digital marketing we offer web design & development services & WordPress expertise. We are the definition of vertical integration and hence to date have never outsourced any client online related deliverable. Simply put we can do anything digital and therefore we can see to your entire online identity & visitor/user/follower experiences with your business.



  1. We will provide you data & ROI driven reporting for every nickel you pay in fees.

Overall Value Proposition

Because we can do anything digital (and better than any like peer), the value we deliver our clients is significantly higher. Because we offer a plethora of affiliate services our professional fees are roughly 20% less than like peers. Simply put you get way way way more for less.

Particular Areas of Expertise


Google Adwords & YouTube

Google Adwords & YouTube

We started Newton Animations by placing a Google Adword YouTube (and Facebook) campaign in the year 2012. We are now Google Adwords experts. If you are considering a paid ad to promote your business, event or brand, you have to include Google. In our years of online advertising, it offers without a doubt the highest ROI of any paid search campaign because it has the most advanced targeting tools in the world. You also don't have to be so sensitive to how the user experiences your ad like you must consider via traditional social media.

Google owns YouTube (on the 1 in 100 chance you did not know). If you are new to Google, we would be thrilled to walk you through the targeting tools to get your Google Adwords campaign off the ground. If you are an experienced Google Adwords user then let us show you how you are not utilizing their amazing platform to its capacity.

Specific Services We Offer


Social Media Set-Up and Management


Set-Up & Management

This is our "leave it to us" service for small business. Leverage the power of social media for your business. We will build awareness, get you more followers and drive traffic to your website. We can get you set up on all social media channels or take over for you if you just don't have the resources to do so yourself. We use content calendars to get the content coming at a minimum of expense.


Content, Content & Content (Content Management)


Content Management

The 3 most important things in social media are content, content and content. This is not a typo. By content we mean the pictures, videos and narratives you post on your social media account for your followers to read. You must provide useful & engaging content. We will advise you on how best to plan and time your content to be sure it's getting the attention of those who follow you. Be sure to consider our media services. We are graphic designers & 3D/2D animation specialists, we can make your otherwise content stand out. This is critical especially as you are starting out.


Web Design & SEO


Web Design & SEO

We are web developers with particular expertise with WordPress' Elementor Page Builder. We of course own commercial licenses to all of the popular plugins (see our html5, or animation that runs on a browser, below). We will design you a SEO friendly website and online store. SEO stands for search engine functionality (so people find you when searching for services on Google, Yahoo or Bing. You would be surprised at how little it costs today to build e-commerce websites. We also offer affiliate marketing, 3D page and membership website functionality.


Social Media Advertising (Paid & Free Ads)


Free and Paid Ads

This is where we offer the highest value. We are experts in the entire paid ad life cycle. We can target your audience with pinpoint accuracy, create stunning media and optimize your bid strategy to maximize the value of your investment in paid advertisements on social media. Incidentally, because we've managed so accounts over the years, if ever needed, we have dedicated Google and Facebook account reps. Let us also tell you how to advertise for free via referral programs with your followers.


Email Marketing


Email Marketing

OK we all dislike SPAM and email marketing has been around now for decades. However, email marketing is far from outdated. Your business may be a great candidate for a promotion. Don't forget, most active people check their email every day so they will usually at least see your messaging in the subject line. Let us draft you a html friendly email if your business is a candidate for such a campaign.


Graphic Design | 3D/2D Animation | Photography | Videography


Newton's Media Services

We are graphic designers and 3D/2D animation specialists. We love it. We own commercial licenses to Cinema 4D, Adobe Creative Cloud and all of the popular plugins. This is the core of our value proposition to you as you consider outsourcing your social media marketing efforts. We can manage your entire social media marketing life cycle. Incidentally, though we telecommute to about 80% of our customers, if you are within a few hours of Boston, MA we offer photography and videography (including drone) services.


Newton Animations is your solution for your social media for small business. With expertise on all of the social media channels, we have been promoting small businesses on social media since 2012. We can literally do anything digital which is why our services are perfect for smaller businesses looking to, as a practical matter, outsource social media. Because we are also graphic designers and 3D/2D/html5 animation specialists we can make your content pop.

For paid ads (like on Facebook), we design campaigns to maximize every nickel while being certain you reach the targeted audience. We are experts with using keywords, topics and, most important, re-marketing campaigns (to target those who have previously visited your website). Depending on the nature of your business and budget, we can manage all social media administration and, in circumstances you cannot provide media specific to your business, would likely recommend our online animation services ( and to create affordable yet truly engaging content to get your message heard. We provide you simple periodic reporting so you can easily identify which campaigns are working and those that are not.

While we are familiar with all social media marketing platforms, our specific expertise is in Google Adwords (which includes YouTube), Facebook, Instagram (and shoutouts), LinkedIn and Twitter (though we do not recommend Twitter for most campaigns). If your budget is between $100 and $1,000/month you will no doubt find we offer the highest value proposition of any like service. We take care of everything. Let us manage all your social media marketing efforts. Send us an email at or call us 7 days a week between 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) at 781-708-1255.

Below we provide a simple overview of the mechanics of the most popular social media channels (and incidentally yes we definitely include Google & YouTube as social media opportunities):


A number of you, our wonderful customers, have asked us to provide you a simple chart outlining the appropriate picture and video sizes (in pixels) for the more popular social media channels to help you as you plan your content strategy.


We Can See to Literally Everything!




We can arrange for your message to be heard for less than $0.10/target (and in some cases even $0.01). The ROI on your social media marketing should be north of 1,000% depending on your product or service. Below find some examples of our animated video ads for which our customers have paid less than $90 (custom work will incur higher fees). We have hundreds more pre-made animation projects like these that we can use in your campaigns. We can of course work with your media if that makes the most sense.

You will not find a better value proposition in social media marketing and related management than Newton Animations.

This is html5 animation (animation that runs on a browser). Perfect for Google Adwords.

This is html5 animation (animation that runs on a browser). Perfect for Google Adwords.

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