3D Animation Services

We build stunning & more important engaging 3D animation. It is what we do and we love it. We are experts with Cinema 4D and own several commercial licenses to the Studio version and maintain a 216 core render farm available 24/7. We also have expertise with all of the more popular Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects plug-ins including the Red Giant suite. We have built a state of the art animation studio (now in Needham MA), own every advanced toy there is including motion capture for quick 3D character animation projects and own an enormous library of professional 3D related assets.

Our value proposition is the use of pre-made animation projects. As you consider a project whether with us or another vendor, the expense is in 3D design. If we have to build you something from scratch it can be very expensive. To save you enormous expense, we will point you to a directory of professional 3D/2D animation projects that we customize for your business or service. This generally is more than enough for most small businesses. You will be shocked at how affordable stunning animation costs to create today. This is especially valuable to those considering our social media marketing related services.

To put it simplest, we can literally do anything animation. If you can dream it we can build it. Call us 7 days a week at 781-708-1255 if we can be of any service. In the interim have a look at our demo reel below. It is approximately 15 minutes long. The last 10 minutes is a promotional video which includes raw video. Thank you.

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