Newton Animations and Video

Hire us for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah for an unprecedented guest experience. From animated narrated invitations you write yourself to personalized virtual reality experiences (like your own virtual bowling alley with your name & picture) to live green screen 3D animated video booths with any background & foreground to even motion capture entertainment, there is no service on the east coast that offers our technologies.




A reminder we have changed the name of our school to "Kids Digital U" to better reflect the breadth of technologies & skill sets students learn in our programs. This spring we will again offer computer programming, 3D design & animation, 3D printing & video gaming classes. Read the posts to our Facebook page for yourself. You love us because we offer the lowest equipment & teacher to student ratios of any like program...and at the most competitive tuitions. You can click on our Kids Digital U logo link in our header (above & to the right) to access our programs. Lastly, we now offer event services. From bar & bat mitzvahs to corporate retreats, your event will never be the same. Please watch our video to the right and pass us along.

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