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Celebrating our 5th year anniversary this summer of 2019, our flagship 3D Summer Tech Camp has been ranked the #1 3D summer tech program for kids aged 10 – 18 in the Greater Boston area for the last 2 years in a row. No program has invested in advanced digital, interactive, three-dimensional and virtual, hologram and augmented reality technologies for kids to our scale. We maintain the largest 3D printing and virtual reality lab for kids in New England. Read the feedback for yourself on our Facebook page. Kids love learning in our 3D Summer Tech Camp.

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We have invested countless resources over the years to create a truly unique, as in genuinely one of a kind, 3D learning experience for kids interested in 3D design and animation and 3D printing. Our curriculum has been designed by real world 3D animation specialists with experience at Disney, ESPN, EA Sports and national design firms. In our 3D Summer Tech Camp, kids have a blast not only learning the essential 3D modeling and animation skills. Our curriculums have also been scripted to incorporate the latest in advanced digital, interactive, three dimensional, and virtual / augmented reality technologies to supplement the traditional learning experience (and of course to have a little fun). This is why kids enjoy learning in our summer programs. Kids love using advanced technologies which keeps them focused and engaged. Our 3D Summer Tech Camp is the perfect program for beginner and marginally experienced students interested in all facets of 3D design & animation and/or 3D printing.

The best part? We offer the lowest teacher and equipment to student ratios of any like Boston area program…and usually by a factor of at least 2 but usually 3. For example, we guarantee a teacher to student ratio of 4 to 1 if our camp is full during any given week. Even when full our teacher to student ratio is usually 3 to 1. The nearest like tech program actually boasts about an 8 to 1 teacher to student ratio. We are well aware of some tech camps where there is a laughable 1 college student as the teacher with more than 30 students at one time. The students invest the week at a desk following an online tutorial. For this privilege this young woman’s parents paid more than $1,000 tuition for the week. We provide plenty and we mean plenty of one on one attention at a cost of 2/3’s of the #2 & #3 ranked Boston area tech camps.

Watch our video below to learn more about our awesome 3D Summer Tech Camp. Remember we are also known as Kids Digital U.

Point by Point Comparison of the Attributes of our 3D Summer Tech Camp v. Other Boston Area Programs

Why Newton Animations 3D Summer Tech Camp

Commitment to Our Program

We're here all year while other area 3D tech camps, headquartered out of state, rent space for the summer and hire local public school teachers to run their summer programs. While we think the world of public school teachers we are personally & professionally committed to our success. They are not. Simply put we are certain we have more at stake than our peers.

Quality of Curriculums

We are full time developers and digital artists. We've invested enormous resources developing our programs over the years. Our staff has experience developing 3D, gaming & virtual content for major US corporations including Disney, EA Sports and medical device manufacturers. We come from the real world. This is why we were ranked the #1 3D program for kids in the state.

Lowest Teacher to Student Ratios (By Far)

We've never been more than 1 teacher for every 4 campers (we're usually 1 for every 3). One like program actually boasts about their 1 teacher for every 8 students as their competitive advantage. Ask around. We provide plenty of personal attention to every student.

Lowest Tuitions (Again By Far)

One program we know of charges $2,300 for two weeks tuition (versus ours at $1,490 before our generous discounts). This program hires staff from the same pool of candidates we sometimes employ and does not nearly offer the advanced systems we do nor provide nearly the personal attention as Kids Digital U.

Digital Libraries

Kids receive non-commercial licenses to literally hundreds of professional 3D design & animation projects for their personal use. There is no summer program in New England such an extensive library of digital content.


We love teaching kids. Newton Animations/Kids Digital U was founded almost by accident. Our founder was looking for a way to invest productive time with his pre-teen and teenage daughters. It was so personal and successful others kids asked if they could learn using our exact syllabus.

Most Advanced Technologies

There is no program in the country that has invested in advanced digital, interactive, three dimensional, and virtual / augmented technologies for kids to our scale. There is no program that has incorporated these systems into their curriculum either. We've invested over $200,000 in our systems to date. No where but in our programs will your kids have access to such cutting-edge technologies.

Largest 3D Printing & VR Labs

We maintain the largest 3D printing and virtual reality labs for kids in Greater Boston. We love our fleets of MakerBot, daVinci and Robo 3D printers. Your child/children will share one 3D printer with at most one other student. Ask any other program you are considering what they offer.

Cinema 4D Student Licensing

All students receive an 18 month student license to Cinema 4D, generally considered the best 3D software in the world. We are the only accredited Cinema 4D program (for kids) in all of New England.

Breadth of Technologies

We offer much broader opportunity than any like camp. Some students come here to experience & learn virtual reality but then learn they prefer motion capture. Kids can do as little or as much as they please and change their minds daily. We love it.

Computer Processing Power

We maintain one of the largest private render farms with hundreds of processing cores to produce animation in minutes that would take days via a typical personal computer at home.

History of Providing More Than Promised

Every year we surprise our students with a large, unannounced investment in a new technology at the start of every summer. This summer of 2018 was no different. We rolled out our recent investment in light painting technology and the kids love it!!!

Other Information

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, 4 & 8 week summer programs for students grades 5 & up and grades 8 & up all summer long. A student in grade 4 may enroll in any summer program open to students in grade 5 & up all summer long as long as he/she has an older sibling attending the same program the same week. Our summer programs start at 9:00 AM and end at 5:00 PM every day but Friday. On Fridays our program ends at about 3:30 PM but students may stay until 5:00 PM. We do go outside daily after lunch for 30 to 45 minutes to a nearby park to horse around, play tag, throw a frisbee and play other games. Students bring their own lunches, drinks and snacks. We maintain plenty of water and simple foods like goldfish & pretzels in a small kitchen area with plenty of refrigerator space. Students have a morning snack at about 10:30 AM, lunch at noon and an afternoon snack at about 2:45 PM. Of course your kids can grab a bowl of goldfish and/or pretzels whenever they might be hungry. We rotate daily activities every 60 to 90 minutes depending on the subject matter at hand. Students are never seated in our computer lab for more than an hour.

Please note we have students with severe food allergies. We maintain a nut & shellfish (of any kind), sesame, kiwi (yes kiwi) and guacamole free studio.

We do offer an early drop off program where students may be dropped off at 7:30 AM and a late pick up option where students may stay to 6:30 PM. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need an early drop off and/or late pick up so we can staff accordingly (our staff generally arrives at 8:30 AM and leaves at 5:15 PM for the day).

Students in all of our summer programs, no matter the subject matter, receive an 18 month student license to Cinema 4D R20 and literally hundreds of professional 3D design & animation projects for their personal use. There is no other program in New England that offers the same. Please call us at 781-708-1255 if you have any questions.

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