Private Classes, Groups and Camps

Ideal for students in private school (for private camps during non-public school vacations), kids who are home schooled and/or for small day schools of less than 100 students/class looking to broaden the programs they offer without committing to significant upfront investments in the technologies we offer.

Outsourced or Private Class Programs for Small Schools

During the traditional school year we are often hired to develop 8 to 12 weeks programs during the traditional school day…like an outsourced private school. For example we are often hired to run a 3D tech class for a small school of say 100 total students. In such a circumstance we would hold class once a week for 12 weeks that meets, for example, every Thursday from 10:30 to 11:30 AM. The format is generally consistent with one of our evening or weekend programs. The only exception would be the content is 100% focused on learning (i.e. we would not make our virtual reality lab available to play games like we generally do from time to time otherwise). Ideal class sizes work in increments of 8 students. Our fees are generally a one time charge $500 – $1000 to develop online content, a second one time charge of $100 per student (for licenses & equipment) and $150/hour for up to 8 students. We have had enormous successes with these programs. It allows the school to formally offer learning programs in tech without the significant upfront investment or expense.

Students in these programs receive the same licenses, digital goodies and virtual access to our render farms as students in any of our program including an 18 month non-commercial license to Cinema 4D Studio, access to our enormous library of digital downloads and virtual access to our render farms.

Please call us Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM if you are interested in a private classs for your school. We generally need at least a one week notice to be certain we can adequately staff and resource your program.

Private Groups (Home Schooled Programs)

Every now and then during the traditional school year we are hired by a group of parents who home school their children. We do not actively solicit or otherwise advertise such a service. However, if you can muster a group of 8 students we would gladly develop a program just for your specific group of children. Our pricing is exactly consistent with our private class programs noted above. We would only note that we could only develop such a weekly program if it were to start anytime between 8:45 AM and 2:00 PM as our after-school programs begin at 3:00 PM during the traditional school year.

Private Weekly Camps

Ideal for students who do not attend public schools, we are pleased to offer private weekly camps for groups of up to 12 students aged 10 – 18 for one week. The content in such a camp would be 100% consistent with our award winning 3D Summer Tech Camp. We make private camps available for $4,000 for a Monday – Friday period with drop-off as early as 8:30 AM and pick up until 6:00 PM. Our pricing is the same whether you have 3 students or 12. We can make weekly camps available for more than 12 students. Call us for details and pricing.

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