Become a Newton Animations & Kids Digital U Franchisee

If you are:

  1. interested in a personally as well as financially rewarding business and:
  2. love working with people (kids and adults) and:
  3. teaching and entertaining people and:
  4. enjoy technology
You can open up your franchise within hours complete with a working website, payment forms, marketing materials, video advertisements and, most important, CREDIBILITY. 

Become a Newton Animations/Kids Digital U franchisee with just a few clicks. Well…not exactly. From a legal perspective we offer licenses to our business and are not technically a franchise. As a practical matter we operate like a franchise but the costs associated with offering franchises are absurd so we’ve opted to offer our business this way. Because most people understand the concept of a franchise we will refer to your investment in this investment as a franchise. Scroll to the bottom of this web page to see the differences.

We have a truly unique business model. This is why we are are able to offer such an overwhelming value proposition to our customers. We are unaware of any like business in the country. All of our competitors either offer a Kids Digital U like service or a Newton Animations like service. Hence our competitors must recover their investments over 1 line of business. We recover our investments over 2 lines of business. This is, hands down, the value proposition to you as an owner operator.

What is it

We’ve also built a digital library unlike any other in the world. When we do offer franchises we will license our digital library to all franchisees. This will be an incredibly rewarding (personal and financial) experience.

Stay tuned!!!

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